COMPETITION: 2021 Student Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition

Students have a unique way of looking at the world, which makes them well-qualified to offer creative solutions to design challenges. The Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition is intended to enlighten students about the many design advantages and infinite application possibilities…

Students have a unique way of looking at the world, which makes them well-qualified to offer creative solutions to design challenges.

The Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition is intended to enlighten students about the many design advantages and infinite application possibilities of aluminum extrusions.

Enter your unique and original design in the 2021 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition. Show off your talent, ingenuity and creativity by designing components, systems, products, or product assemblies that feature aluminum extrusions. You may earn a scholarship award for your winning design!

2021 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition Details
2021 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition Prizes
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2021 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition Enter
Your design could win money! Enter the 2021 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition by March 29, 2021 to compete for student scholarships totaling $15,500!

Scholarships will be presented as cash awards to the best student aluminum extrusion designs submitted. The following award awards will be available to the winning entries in the Student Class:

First Place


Second Place


Third Place


Sustainable Design


Competition Sponsors
The ET Foundation is grateful to the following companies for sponsoring the 2021 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition student scholarships:

Almag Aluminum
MI Metals
Pennex Aluminum

The Sustainable Design Challenge Award will be presented to a Student design that, in addition to meeting the four basic ET Foundation Design Competition criteria, best addresses societal and/or environmental challenges/concerns. The entry must be a viable, extrusion-based product that meets the sustainability demands for the environment, while contributing to the quality of life for its intended users. Students should indicate they are seeking consideration for the Sustainable Design Award on the Entry Form and explain in the written brief how their entry meets the criteria. Examples of past entries for the Sustainable Design Challenge Category include:

Refugee tent
Hydroponic gardening system
Water purifier
Assistive device for individuals with physical limitations
Temporary housing
Emergency or specialty medical equipment

High school, undergraduate, graduate, trade and technical school students are eligible to enter the competition. You must be enrolled in and attending school to enter.

Individual and team submissions will be accepted. Each student on the team must complete and submit an official entry form with the entry.

To enter, design a product that incorporates at least one extruded aluminum profile (custom designs are preferred, however products designs that incorporate standard shapes will also be considered). Be sure to review all of the information in this Call for Entries for guidelines and tips on creating a potential winning design.

All design entries must include a completed 2021Official Student Design Competition Entry Form. Enter using the form in this brochure or download the official entry form at

Entries may be mailed by post or emailed to IMPORTANT! When emailing your entry materials, you must include in the body of the email the list of the items you are attaching to your message (for example: “I have attached a total of 3 files: entry form, design presentation file in PDF, link to video file showing product prototype in use”).

All entries must be received in the ET Foundation office no later than Monday, March 29, 2021.

To be eligible, you must be currently enrolled as a student in high school, college/university, technical or design college, or graduate school.

Designs must be original and use at least one extruded aluminum component. Multiple entries may be accepted. If any category yields no entries deemed by the judges to adequately address the competition’s criteria, a prize will not be awarded in that category.

Winning entries will be those that best demonstrate the benefits of aluminum extrusions – whether by inventing a new product or improving an existing one, by achieving the following objectives:

Creativity – Innovative design, new or expanded application capability, methods to meet a new design challenge.
Practicality – Ease of fabrication and assembly, cost-effectiveness, integrated or multi-functionality, use of extruded aluminum over other materials and/or processes.
Product/Process Advantage – Product/process improvement: product design versatility or customization capability, improvement of extrusion processes, close tolerances, takes full advantage of extrusion’s abilities to improve a product.
Market Impact/Potential – Product design marketability, clearly identified product use(s) within the target market, and likelihood of market success.
A panel of aluminum extrusion industry professionals will judge the competition entries in Spring 2021. Winners will be notified following judging via the email listed on their entry form (so write legibly!). For complete rules and criteria, visit

If you would like an AEC member to deliver a presentation detailing the aluminum extrusion process to your class, please contact AEC at

Students are encouraged to learn more about aluminum extrusion design, processes and applications.

“Designing to the Limits of Your Imagination”
Download the educational presentation (PDF), “Designing to the Limits of Your Imagination”, to learn more about aluminum extrusion applications, design and processes.

AEC Aluminum Extrusion Manual
The AEC Aluminum Extrusion Manual is your one-stop resource for creating more effective products by using aluminum extrusions.

Learn more about the aluminum extrusion process
Discover how to optimize profile designs
Find technical information on alloys, finishes, tolerances, etc.
Get inspiration from the many application examples
Access valuable reference documents, and much more.

AEC Webinars
Visit the AEC YouTube channel for webinars available on-demand covering the attributes of aluminum and the aluminum extrusion process, as well as technical aspects of extrusion design, including alloy selection, part geometry, fabrication and more. Find us on YouTube under AECorg.

Past Winning Entries
Review past winning entries from the Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition (student and professional) for inspiration and thought starters for your aluminum extrusion design.

AEC Library
Check out the AEC Library. You’ll find expanded information about the application features that appear on our home page, as well as white papers, FAQs on a range of extrusion-related topics, additional webinars presented by AEC, and much more.