COMPETITION: 2021 GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Challenge

The GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Challenge is an annual incentive prize that seeks to inspire innovative applications of open-access biodiversity data by scientists, informaticians, data modelers, cartographers and other experts. The call for submissions for the 2021 GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Challenge is now open! Like the Ebbe Nielsen Prize it replaced, the Challenge honours the memory of Dr Ebbe Schmidt Nielsen, an inspirational leader in the fields of biosystematics and biodiversity informatics and one of the principal founders of GBIF, who tragically died just before it came into being. While the focus of the competition has evolved from year to year, Challenge entries manifest a variety of forms and approaches—new analytical research, richer policy-relevant visualizations, web and mobile applications, or improvements to processes around data digitization, quality and access. Ebbe Nielsen Challenge winners 2020 Prize Project Recipient(s) Country(s) 1st ShinyBIOMOD An R application for modelling species distribution Ian Ondo Alexandre Antonelli Wilfried Thuiller Maya Gueguen Samuel Pironon United Kingdom United Kingdom / Sweden France France United Kingdom 2nd Linking nomenclature to type specimens Maarten Trekels Belgium 2nd InteractIAS A Jupyter notebook to support expert risk assessment on invasive species Quentin Groom South Africa 3rd DNA barcode browser Roderic Page United Kingdom 3rd Voyager Ivvet Abdullah-Modinou Ben Scott United Kingdom United Kingdom 3rd Mass Georeferencing Tool Luis J. Villanueva United States 2019 Prize Project Recipient(s) Country(s) 1st WhereNext A recommending system to identify sampling priorities based on generalized dissimilarity modeling Jorge Velásquez-Tibatá Colombia 2nd occCite Tools to Enable Comprehensive Biodiversity Data Citation Hannah L. Owens Cory Merow Brian S. Maitner Vijay V. Barve Robert Guralnick Denmark / United States United States United States United States United States 2nd Organella Andrea Biedermann Diana Gert Dimitar Ruszev Paul Roeder Germany Germany Germany Germany 2nd Rapid Least Concern Automated assessments of lower risk plants for the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (Red List) Steven Bachman Barnaby Walker Justin Moat United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom 3rd Agile GBIF Publishing Evgeniy Meyke Finland 3rd Biodiversity Information Review and Decision Support the BIRDS package for R Debora Arlt Alejandro Ruete Anton Hammarström Sweden Sweden Sweden 3rd GB Sifter A GBIF to GenBank Data Sifter Luis Allende United States 3rd naturaList Arthur Vinicius Rodrigues Gabriel Nakamura Brazil Brazil 3rd GeoNature-atlas: Publish an online biodiversity atlas with GBIF data of your area Camille Monchicourt Théo Lechémia Gil Deluermoz Jordan Sellies Amandine Sahl France France France France France 2018 Prize Project Recipient(s) Country(s) 1st Checklist recipe A template for reproducible standardization of species checklist data Lien Reyserhove Damiano Oldoni Peter Desmet Belgium Belgium Belgium 1st Ozymandias A biodiversity knowledge graph Roderic D. M. Page United Kingdom 2nd The bdverse Tomer Gueta Yohay Carmel Vijay Barve Thiloshon Nagarajah Povilas Gibas Ashwin Agrawal Israel Israel United States Sri Lanka Lithuania India 2nd GBIF Issues Explorer Luis J. Villanueva, Smithsonian Institution United States 2nd Smart mosquito trap to DwC pipeline Connor Howington Samuel Rund United States United States 2nd Taxonomy Tree Editor Ashish Singh Tomar Spain 2016 Prize Project Recipient(s) Country(s) 1st Exploring ignorance in space and time Alejandro Ruete Sweden 2nd sampbias Alexander Zizka Alexandre Antonelli Daniele Silvestro, University of Gothenberg Sweden Sweden Sweden 2nd GBIF Coverage Assessment Tools Walter Jetz Jeremy Malczyk Ajay Ranipeta Luis J. Villanueva Carsten Meyer Michelle Duong, Map of Life Consortium United States United States United States United States United States United States 3rd BioGeoBias Laurens Gefferts Netherlands 3rd Towards global-scale species distribution models Aafke Schipper Jasmijn Rost Daniela Remenska Valerio Barbarossa Netherlands 3rd crowdgap Jesus Orozco 2015 Prize Project Recipient(s) Country(s) 1st GBIF dataset metrics Peter Desmet Bart Aelterman Nicolas Noé Belgium Belgium Belgium 2nd Richard Pyle United States 3rd #myGBIF Tom August United Kingdom 3rd ecoSpace 2 Miguel Porto Portugal 3rd GBIF Soundscape Ben Raymond Peter Neish Australia Australia 3rd Wallace A Web App to Harness Biodiversity Data Robert P. Anderson Matthew Aiello-Lammens Bob Muscarella Bruno Vilela Jamie Kass United States, Denmark and Spain Past Prize winners Prior to its 2014 reboot, GBIF awarded the Ebbe Nielsen Prize to recognize an individual who demonstrated excellence in combining biodiversity informatics and biosystematics research. Year Project Recipient(s) Country 2014 Video presentaion Tony Rees Australia 2013 Video presentation Miguel Bastos Araújo Portugal 2012 Nathan Swenson United States 2011 Jens-Christian Svenning Denmark 2010 Sujeevan Ratnasingham Canada 2009 Andy Jarvis Colombia 2008 Vince Stuart Smith United kingdom 2007 Paul Flemons Australia 2006 John Wieczorek United States 2005 Pablo Goloboff Argentina 2004 Johan Nilsson Sweden 2003 Stefan Schröder Germany 2002 Nozomi Ytow Japan GBIF Young Researchers Award