The editors have produced a detailed and state-of-the-art research monograph on hyperspectral remote sensing (HRS) and imaging modalities. This monograph should be of interest to image scientists and graduate students involved in HRS and imaging technologies. Beyond a review on HRS, the authors address airborne imaging spectrometers, anomalies in HRS images, atmosphere parameter retrieval and corrections. Readers interested in HRS applications for vegetation, urban research including water and wetland ecosystems resources or agricultural research will find a wealth of information, including case studies from India, South Africa, Ecuador and Nigeria. These case studies are enhanced by HRS images and advanced statistical analysis. Furthermore, a chapter on HRS multi-sensor and fusion capabilities can be found in connection with pollution detection and noninvasive detection of plant parasitic nematodes. HRS applications in soil and mineral explorations, which includes heavy metal pollution and future requirements for advanced sensor systems for satellite and airborne systems, should attract a wide readership.